Thursday, November 29, 2007


Thankfully the move was completed without significant injury and only minor outbursts of swearing. I've been told, confidentially, by the lady at the bank, that the British swear a lot... and she's probably right.

There were a few sticky moments when we wondered how, exactly, the *&^^%$ press had been taken through the doors at the gallery to get it in to the studio, but eventually the combined brains of Michael, Patrick and Willis managed to work it out - with minimal damage to paintwork and limbs! It was commented, however, that once it has actually moved to our new house (whenever that happens) it ain't moving again. I can live with that.

Pictures of my new working space will follow soon. MANY thanks to my removals team. I wasn't allowed to do more than adjust a few boards and open doors, but frankly I'm not complaining.

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