Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh the pain...

... Of moving one's studio! I'm moving out of Gallery 37 because I've come to the end of my lease and, sadly, I am not yet making a sufficient return through selling prints there to justify continued expenditure on the rent. It's a simple equation, but has an impact: I daresay Shelley's upset that I'm leaving, not least because of the implications for her cash-flow as mine was the only studio she'd been able to rent. But I can't miraculously conjure up the money from nowhere and although there are tangible benefits to me being able to work away from home, they still don't outweigh the costs.

Anyway, such is life, and today's the day when we move my etching press! Michael, Patrick and Willis are kindly helping me... I'll let you know what injuries we sustain in the process.

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