Saturday, November 03, 2007

Mail project

Having been here a year now I have an urge to build bridges back to the UK, partly as an antidote to the depression occasioned by some friends' extreme inability to communicate over distances! You'd have thought that people we've known for 20 years might recognise the importance of a little communication now that we've moved away, but with some honourable exceptions the fact is that we have, of course, lost touch with many 'really good' friends despite all the magical aids to communication that exist now, such as Voice-over-IP, international telephone calls to special numbers that cost the same as a national-rate call, email and the wonders of blogging.

Anyway, since dis/connection is a concern in my work I want to start a mail-art project with someone in Bristol, perhaps mailing each other something once a month for a year and seeing what we end up with. If it all sounds a bit vague, it is at the moment: I've found a potential project partner, but all the details need to be decided before the project can begin. I'm really excited about it, not just because of the possibility of 'connecting' in some way with bits of my old life, but also because of starting something tangible and new that has resonances with the rest of my work. I"ll keep you posted about what happens...

While I was ruminating the possibilities I came across Kirsty Hall's fab blog about her mail art work-in-progress, The Diary Project. She's sending envelopes to herself every day for a year, but I know that I'm not disciplined enough for that!

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