Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been suited up like a chemical worker trying to etch that bloomin' lino and guess what? Not a mark on the darned stuff! And that's despite checking my methodology with Lesley Trussler's detailed instructions. So on further examination I can conclude only that what I'm using isn't actually the real thing - it's an imposter masquerading as lino!

Back to square one: first, acquire real lino; second, start all over again.

I'm admiring the day outside instead of feeling frustrated


moreidlethoughts said...

You say "real" lino...what did you use? If it was that green/blue reversible kind that is a synthetic vinyl and probably resistant to the soda.
Maybe your soda had lost some strength from age?
But I chuckled as I read, so keep trying!

aine scannell said...

Sara I see what happened

What a pain but....... all of us printmakers have been through this sort of fiasco at one time or another!!

Never mind

Maybe you will have another go , on another occasion



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