Thursday, January 01, 2009

366 Daily Drawings

At last I've managed to post the final 'Daily Drawing': number 366, bringing the blog to a close, and it feels a little strange. My dearly beloved says the project has done me lots of good this year and why don't I carry it on into 2009? But I've found myself unprepared for the new year and don't feel able to do so. This time last year I had 366 little squares of paper, 7cm x 7cm, already cut into strips and scored, ready to fold and tear off... the blog was ready; I was ready. But this year I'm unprepared. Instead I think I'm going to spend a bit of time reviewing what I did and what it 'means', and whether I can draw any private conclusions from it.

The drawings don't look much, crammed in a box, do they?

Meanwhile I can show you some pictures I took of the 264 days' worth of drawings that I could fit onto my 11-foot long printing bench without moving the plate warmer (it's really heavy!).

On a different note, this is a USB plasma ball I got for Christmas! Mad, but strangely beautiful...

And this is the USB glitter lamp that our darling daughter got... also mad.

1 comment:

Snippety Gibbet said...

Your daily drawings have been one of my favorite blogs. I do my own little sketches, but not on a regular basis. Blogging them seems like a wonderful way to interject some discipline into the activity. I will be interested in seeing what you have in store with the little jewels.

Happy new year, Friend!


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