Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lies, damned lies and statistics

I thought it would be fun to look at all the books on tape I listened to while my scalpel and I cut words out of paper for my Speaking in Tongues exhibition, and I was indeed quite amused: 18 novels on 61 tapes, totalling 94 hours and 15 minutes worth of recordings! And I wasn't always listening to books on tape, either...

I've had a cruise-y sort of day today which was a welcome change: I planted three Wistringia and a couple of Oregano seedlings on a bank outside the house, made a new perch for the chook house, vacuumed my studio, did our budget (not much fun, but I promised myself I'd do it today, having put it off from yesterday because I didn't want to sully our wedding anniversary with the bad news about our cash flow forecast!), and started sorting out paper for one of my BAO books. I plan to make the first one next week so that I can get it down to Ronnie ASAP for the Impact exhibition, and then follow up with the rest of them. Things are about to start happening.

But in the meantime, a new off-licence has opened up in town that stocks Belgian beer! So I'm sitting at my laptop with a bottle of Leffe Blonde in hand, remembering when I used to live in Brussels and thinking it would be nice to go back!


Amanda said...

18 novels! Wow1 I'm impressed! Do you get them from the library or do you buy them? I'm afraid I just listen to music when I have something lengthy and tedious to do.
BTW well done with the article in the paper - very good work on the publicity front.
Wishing you the very best for your opening and the show! xx

Abigail Thomas said...

blimey thats alot of audio books! yes good luck with it all Sara; lots of hard work; well done! xxx


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