Sunday, October 31, 2010

What you can do for $75, part #2

You know what, my chook's gone! It's always the quiet ones you have to watch... the bloody thing managed to squeeze out of the smallest gap around the top of the cage, and has flown the roost, so to speak. Drat.

I can add that to the litany of bad fortune that has befallen me this week, including (a particular low point...) notification that once again I haven't made it to the cut for the Bundanon Trust residencies. * sigh *


ronnie said...

durn chooks and arty fangled organisations..... maybe the newest chook got word that SHE had been selected for a bundanon residency and has flown the coop.....

ps maybe she will find her way home as night falls..... just before I came inside to type this, my dasterdly kitty 'boots' made a leap for our chook..... the feathers were flying (as I was chasing chook and cat) - durn critters!

Carol said...

Gosh, sorry you're having a bad day. Hope your chook has the sense to hang around, mine get out but linger by the pen in case they miss something.

Amanda said...

Oh bad luck! Still, keep on refining your idea - eventually the fit will be soooooooooooooo good they won't be able to resist you!

Here chooky, chooky, chook!!!

Ampersand Duck said...

hmmm... flown the coop, probably into the waiting jaws of a happy fox. Bummer!

And bummer about the residency. Why don't you try Hill End? the cutoff for their applications is quite soon, I think.

I'm going to apply too, I want to play with the Hill End Press peoples.


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