Sunday, October 31, 2010

What can you get for $75 these days?

Well to my pleasant surprise it seems you can buy quite a lot for $75. This morning we achieved:

3 pots of pennyroyal
2 pots of French sorrel
2 pots of Corsican mint
1 pot of sweet potato
1 pot of Ceylon spinach
1 pot of Feverfew
1 pot continental flat-leafed parsley
1 Thai green aubergine

1 tube of toothpaste
1 Curly-Wurly
1 packet of Mentos (chewy sweets)
2 sausage sandwiches from the sausage sizzle stall at the markets


3 pullets!

The dark grey one on the right is darling daughter's hen, called Lolly; the brown one is dearest husband's and we've called her Livia as a sort of tribute to Stanley Livingstone the explorer since she has already managed to escape once; and the black-and-ginger one peaking out from under the others is Miss Henny-Penny and she's mine.

Our chook shed isn't built yet, but they're small enough to live in the spare guinea-pig hutch at the moment with daytime forays into our weedy banks, courtesy of the wire pen, pictured above. Toby the dog has taken up residence alongside, for chicken-guarding duties!


ronnie said...

....and what more - you'll reap at least what you paid in eggs and herbs and vegies (and fewer dentist visits?)... (not to mention the entertainment value..... I love watching chooks!)

have fun!

dinahmow said...

Re-vamping my mantra:
need chookies.need chookies.

Today, I nipped a few leaves of rocket and am now letting it seed.
So far, the other herbs are hangin' in there!Yours should be fantastic.But don't let that basa (Ceylon spinach) get out of hand. Or the sweet potato.Both have that tendency.)

Carol said...

Love your chooks, as Ronnie says they're great entertainment value. We have 7, get 5 eggs a day, I spoil them but they deserve it.


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