Saturday, April 03, 2010

The latest book

Another book about family - a bit messy perhaps, in that there are a lot of things all thrown in together, but still. Again, it's a moveable book, and this series of photographs is an attempt to show how it moves.

The imagery is variously taken from my family tree and handwriting from my parents and grandparents, with hand drawn and painted images of feathers and nests. The blocks are hard-edged and regular, folding on themselves with paper hinges, opening and closing to hide and reveal softer cursive lines. Blocks have echoes of bricks and buildings; nests are altogether softer propositions yet all are fragile and temporary. Death takes it all away eventually until what's left is a feather or a name on a family tree. So the book is about permanence and impermanence, family, inheritance, memory.


Snippety Gibbet said...

My gosh. That took a lot of engineering to figure out that one. It looks lovely. jan

Ida said...

I love this idea Sara! I wish I could see your book in 'person'. Well done. Has your BAO piece had an impact on your work for the upcoming exhibition? I am still running with the images from Learning Absences,seems i need to finish a few ideas off before I move on.... not that thats a bad thing I just didn't expect it to have such a large influence.
Look forward to seeing more of your books as your deadline approaches. Well done.

ronnie said...

my fingers are itching to fiddle..... so intriguing.... so frustrating not being able to play with it!

Jan Allsopp said...

Beautiful Sara! Exquisite.

Amanda said...

Wow! that's amazing Sara! Beautiful! It looks like such a process of discovery. Well done!
BTW, not sure whether you know that I'm not going to Mackay. Sadly I'm not really well enough. I've been having migraines at least weekly, and I think it would just be too much.
I'm hoping for a full report...


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