Sunday, November 08, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

Have I mentioned that it rains quite a lot in Coffs Harbour? Apparently we usually get 125mm in November, and 13 days of rain in the month. Not too bad. Well according to the Bureau of Meteorology we've had 464mm (almost half a metre) of rain in the last 2 days, with 354mm in the space of 6hrs on Friday evening alone. And it's only November 8th.

We haven't been badly affected: darling daughter's school remained open, as did local shops, and so although driving has been hazardous it hasn't been that bad. About 45 families in central Coffs Harbour have been evacuated due to flooding but it isn't as bad overall as the March 31st floods, thank goodness. We don't yet know what's happened on our block. We were up there on Thursday morning, before the rain started, and the building work was coming on apace. We were there with the electrician, placing power points and a TV point around the walls of the office/studio building, and watching the roof joists going up on the main house. But on Friday the builders weren't able to get up there and I'm not yet sure if that is because the road was blocked, covered in water or washed away again... fingers crossed it's not the 'washed away' scenario, because that will be a huge financial headache as well as delaying the building, which isn't good news!


ronnie said...

ooooh you poor thing - I've been jealously looking at all the rain the north coast has been receiving - its soooooo impossibly dry here - and sooooo insanely wet up there - it doesn't seem fair

hope all is good very soon (p.s. if you'd like to bag up a few million mega litres of the wet stuff - please send to sams creek.... asap)

Amanda said...

Yes, it rains soooooooooo much in that part of the country. Good luck with the road.

Carol said...

Do so hope it wasn't the road - you've certainly had more than your fair share of rain and other problems.


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