Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just Fun

I keep a little list in my 'Favourites' of blogs and websites I should share with you on this blog, but I rarely get around to mentioning them which is a bit hopeless. So here are some book/bookbinding related sites I've been looking at recently:

Handbound Weekly is a blog that pulls together all sorts of makers of books and book-y things in the Etsy on-line community. It's a great place to browse and see what other book binders are selling, and it's the work of Cindy Leaders, who has her own blog here.

Paperiarre is a lovely blog about handmade books and things from Kaija in Finland. I'm at once of admiring of her evident style and covetous of her beautiful books! I hope she won't mind me saying that she's put ideas into my head about embedding objects in book covers or, to be more precise, she's shown me how it can be done. She also has an Etsy shop here.

And lastly for this evening, I was blown away by the sheer, mad, single-mindedness of Watarou Itou and his paper Castle on the Ocean... Crazy and beautiful, it apparently took FOUR YEARS to make. I'll never complain about my slow rate of output again!

PS., for all you Australian book artists out there, you may not be aware that Focus on Artists Books V has been announced by Artspace Mackay, for April 2010. There is a forum, workshops and an exhibition and you can find details on the Artspace Mackay website together with information about the Libris awards. I don't know why there hasn't been a bigger effort to publicise the event? It's a big thing in the Australian artists book world and yet I found out about it through a comment on Artist Books 3.0 and even then I had to search the internet to find out the information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting up the Artspace link, Sara. Google has been a pain in the fundament all weekend so I didn't manage it.

Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, that's the first I've heard of it too! yay for April, so much more convenient than February...

Snippety Gibbet said...

I'm embarrassed to say that I'd better not try to participate in the book project after all. Today I received the most busy class schedule I have had in 20 years of teaching, and I am majorly stressed about the whole thing. It makes me wonder if I will have the energy to even do my regular amount of art work at the end of the day, let alone special challenges. It's a great idea, your book challenge. I wish I felt as though I could participate. jan

Amanda said...

These are great links Sara, thanks for posting them. I'm just glad not to be in Mackay in February - I hate the heat!


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