Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hatmaking with dinner plates

Last week I made two hats for darling daughter. The first was a lovely little purple Fedora which I stupidly spun (NOT rinsed!) using the spin cycle on my washing machine - which shrank it beautifully (sob). So I had to make number two and remember to let it dry unaided, which took several days.

This week I thought I deserved a hat for myself and so my lesson with Eileen on Wednesday was all about using a stack of plates to make a hat!

First, make the usual 'bucket' shape as the base. Then tie three or four plates of different sizes into the 'bucket' and work them with soap and water!

The felt will shrink around the plates and take on their shape

Twist the top around

Dry the hat... et voila!

It's surprisingly difficult taking photos of yourself with something on your head - my arms aren't long enough!

This is daughter's hat, version 2, complete with flower garland as a hat band


Fiona said...

You need a tripod and a remote control for your camera!!

Both hats look great - especially like E's. Can I have a photo of her modelling it at some point?

Carol said...

That is fascinating. I especially like the red curly one. I never would have guessed how you got that shape without your photos.

Snippety Gibbet said...

Those are amazing! I especially love the red one.


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