Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Joy of Courses

Thanks to Ampersand Duck for alerting me to the Sturt University Winter School, running from July 13th - 17th. I knew about the Summer School and not about the Winter School, but there is a luscious range of courses from making "Beautiful Books & Boxes" with Caren Florance (who is, to those who know her blog, Lady Duck) to basket weaving, tapestry, printmaking, wood working... it's a long list and frankly I'd like to do about half of the courses but I've chosen the one that will contribute the most to me and my skill set!


Jan Allsopp said...

A friend has been on to me to do this course for the last year. Thanks for the links. I'll look it up!

Amanda said...

These courses look great, don't they? Unfortunately 1 day at a time is my limit. It drives me crazy as everything advanced always takes about 5 days to work through. Which one are you going to do?


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