Saturday, October 08, 2011


After my week in Melbourne I spent a couple of days at home before flying down to Sydney for a few days. On Thursday we went to the Powerhouse Museum show "LoveLace" which is truly fabulous...

Cecilia Heffer and Burt Bongers

Joyce Fleming

Joep Verhoeven

Jenny Pollack

Janie Matthews

Ingrid Morley

Lenka Suchanek

Michele Eastwood

Rui Kikuchi

Tania Spencer

Tomy Ka Chun Leung


ronnie said...

looks fabulous! some real gems there for sure!

Amanda said...

Oh Sara, that looks sooo beautiful! I must try to make it to Sydney before it ends. xx

Fiona Dempster said...

I so want to get to Sydney for this - had planned to pop in on Tuesday morning, but our Monday flight was cancelled and now we have to go straight to work. Sigh. It looks amazing. And the Hermes horse as well!

Nicola Moss said...

It is a fabulous show, so much variety of medium and technique, enjoyed a lot. Thanks for reminding me of some of the works Sara.


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