Thursday, March 03, 2011

Storm front

Yesterday evening we looked out of our windows and watched a really beautiful sight: a big storm front rolling in from the south-east. I'd seen the sky darken a while beforehand and we knew from the Bureau of Meteorology that we were in for some thunder and rain, but it was quite something to see the leading edge of this particular cell moving across the sea and then crossing the land. In fact we could hear it coming: a whistling wind howled up the valley, and the approaching storm was heralded by the cracking of branches. Apparently gusts got up to 100kmh, and as soon as we saw what was coming we pushed chairs and the table and anything else moveable close to the house wall on the verandah and crossed our fingers for everything else!

Of course it wasn't a big storm in the grand scheme of things, but it was spectacular for Coffs Harbour. You can see more photos at the Coffs Coast Advocate website.

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