Wednesday, February 09, 2011

And more fun with paste

This evening darling daughter and I spent an hour in the studio making paste paper, but before we got to the paste we had to clear the table and we admired the patterns left by the debris in the ferrous sulphate and caustic soda trays!

Then we had some more fun. It was hard dragging darling daughter down there with me (she'd have preferred to watch TV but she's not allowed to do that on school nights because she has mean, mean parents) but once she'd started her first piece of paper she was hooked. We agreed that this might be another crafty thing to do with kids on my craft workshops. I foresee lots of mess in my future....


Carol said...

The rusting debris photos are really nice and I love your paste papers. It's a very moreish occupation and will be a wonderful class to do with children.

Anonymous said...

Sara I love your paste paper results. It is a fun thing to do and I need to do more of it too
It's a bit like marbling and would like to be practising that more as well. Oh, well another lifetime to create!!!So many lovely creative things to choose from to keep one busy.


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