Monday, August 18, 2008


Another thank you to that nice man Mr Heather because while reading a comment he made on (again!) I came across Nicholas Forrest's blog, and a very interesting read it is too. Not only does he like printmakers generally he also happens to like Torres Straits Islander Dennis Nona, whose work I love, so we have at least two elements of good taste in common!

I'm not spending enough time on the internet doing blog stuff at the moment, and I need to get back to it. I keep finding great things to read, comment upon, think about, do... but it's always a compromise between art and life. I guess I haven't done too badly this year so far: I made the grade for the Print Council of Australia's 2008 commission, and my bridge book was acquired at the Southern Cross University Acquisitive Artists' Book Award, and I've got a number of other prints in progress and a second book going down to Sydney for a show soon with a bit of luck. Given the fact that we're building a house and Michael was so ill I don't know that I could have achieved much more this year but today I'm still managing to feel a bit melancholy about the amount of stuff not done. I'm going to take the melancholy indoors, however, as it's freezing in the studio at the moment and I need to persevere with some perspective drawings of the possible interior design of bits of our house. There are some practical things I can do with my art that make a difference for the whole family and that is one of them!

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ainesse said...

Hi Sara I was just looking at someones blog and thought you might find her work interesting....who knows you may already be familiar with it.

I also got invited to go onto a printmakers community website (a bit like the artistsbooks at ning website -haven't been on there lately have you) anyway here are both things mentioned

And how is your own artwork going??

or at the very least the 'interior designing"??!!


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